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chlorophyll disciplines

chlorophyll helps you “Mind the Gap” between brand strategy and brand execution.
It achieves this objective by providing all brand engagement tools, from definition to digital, under one roof, and using them to align every aspect of business to one single idea.
Result? Your brand can be leveraged for disruptive business growth or for transforming entire organisations.

brand communication

Our work in brand communication spans the spectrum from light-touch channels like social media to high-touch assets like corporate videos. All our communication work keeps the brand lens on, ensuring that the strategic intent of the brand stays true even while addressing tactical marketing needs.

brand definition

For new brands, legacy brands, or brand looking to enter new markets, it is critical to have a clear blueprint of what the brand stands for and what customer mindset it will serve. To do this, we use our proprietary model, anthrop™ through a six-step process to create a Brand Construct, that brings together what the brand stands for, what makes it distinctive, and what pillars it will be built on. 

brand experience

All stakeholders of a brand experience a brand in two ways: what the brand says (communication) and what the brand does (behaviour). Through an experience audit, we first identify the different areas through a customer journey that can serve as quick wins, and those that can translate into a long-term competitive advantage. We then map out how the brand would come to life throughout the lifecycle of the customer experience, ensuring there is synergy throughout the journey.

brand name & ideantity™

There should be no gap between what a brand stands for and how it expresses itself. Therefore, we work with our clients to create brand names and visual identity systems that bring to life the essence of the brand.

employer branding

Employer branding is the discipline of aligning values to behaviour creating communication programmes and behavioural metrics to create a culture unique to the organisation. 

innovation in products, culture & earned media

Our Innovation Lab employs ethnography, design thinking and a five-step solutioning discipline as part of its Innovation Dash to solve ‘wicked’ problems, problems that have seemingly no ready answers. This has led to three world-firsts!


Insighting is the discipline of discovering the emotional triggers of the category, not just of the product: this leads to communication that has both ‘brand cut-through’ and ‘benefit cut-through’.

personal branding

Strong personal brands embody powerful ideas. Through our personal branding process, we first articulate the ideas that a given leader stands for, and codify this in a personal brand definition. Subsequently, a communication plan is created, ensuring that the ideas come to life in all aspects of the leader’s life and interactions.

sport marketing

Sport has become a powerful tool for brand building because fans connect passionately to sportspeople and through them, to brands. chlorophyll works with Meraki, a sportainment specialist, to achieve brand and sport breakthroughs.

website design

As a key brand asset, it is critical that a brand’s website appropriately establishes what the brand stands for. Therefore, to ensure seamless design and execution, chlorophyll conducts research to gather information on customers’ expectations from the website. Based on this research, it develops an effective information architecture and UI design using UI/UX principles. Once the prototype is ready, it is tested with users and then shared with the development team for coding. 

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