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Protean eGov Technologies Ltd., formerly known as NSDL eGov, is one of the key IT-enabled service providers engaged in conceptualising, developing and executing nationally critical and population-scale greenfield technology solutions. The company has extensively collaborated with the government over the last 25 years to create digital public infrastructure and develop innovative citizen-centric e-governance solutions. Some landmark projects it has been associated with include Aadhaar and PAN cards.

Project Duration




In July 2021, NSDL eGov approached chlorophyll with two questions:

Did the name ‘NSDL eGov’ adequately represent the business and ambitions of the organisation?

If not, what new name and identity would encapsulate the brand’s future aspirations?


chlorophyll conducted a massive qualitative online study with 1610 respondents to understand the associations of the brand name ‘NSDL eGov’.

Key takeaway: the name ‘NSDL eGovernance’ did not carry the associations that aptly communicated what the brand stood for.

chlorophyll conducted its proprietary six-step process to arrive at what the brand stood for.


Brand Core:

This extensive research exercise helped us define the brand in one line, which we call ‘Brand Core’.

NSDL e-Gov’s Brand Core, reworded for confidentiality.

Brand Core: The speed of our transformation accelerates our growth.


Brand NSDL eGov believes that change can be the greatest driver of exponential growth. Compared to any other ITeS company, NSDL eGov is best equipped to support its customers through their journey of transformation
to meet this change.

It is agile in its services and in its response to the fast-changing needs of its customers.

It is innovative, so it can quickly leverage new business opportunities.

 It facilitates unparalleled transparency so all stakeholders can benefit equally from the fruits of change.


The next step was to translate the Brand Core into a memorable expression: an ideantity™.

ideantity™, a concept trademarked by chlorophyll, is a visual idea complemented by a brand line.Together, they communicate what the brand stands for.

Name: NSDL e-Gov was renamed ‘Protean’, A form that is able to change easily and frequently.


The new name is complemented by a striking visual: a vibrant, ever-changing kaleidoscope pattern with the letter P (for Protean) formed in the centre.

Brand line:

The brand line ‘Change is growth’ completes the message by underscoring this brand’s core belief.

Business vertical units:

Brand launch:

We didn’t create any communication as such except for the emailer and a social media post. We can showcase those here using appropriate mockups.

Brand Guidebook:


Planning Team

Rochna Poddar
Khushboo Bhavsar

Creative Team

Mukesh Mankame
Kaustubh Lele
Rahul Gangan
Sunil Kanawaje

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