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chlorophyll is the pioneer and the only significant independent Indian-born & bred brand consultancy with its own models and processes.

Since 1999, chlorophyll has unlocked the business potential of over 400 brands.
Across categories (product, service, corporate brands), across geographies (India, US, SE Asia, Africa), across industries (consumer, industrial, finance, durables, commodities…), and across life-cycles (brand creation, brand transformation, brand translation).
It has achieved this through processes and algorithmic models validated over time.
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anthrop™ is chlorophyll’s copyrighted model that allows the brand to relate to the human opportunity rather than just product or category opportunity.

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The wholon™ model underlines chlorophyll’s belief that a brand is expressed not just in communication, but also in behaviour.

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An ideantity™, unlike a logo, captures the essence of a brand, through a combination of brand name, a visual idea and a brand line

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litmosi™ is intended to provide a roadmap to building an organisational culture, where values and behaviours are perfectly aligned.

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chlorophyll innovation lab™

The innovation lab fosters innovation by creating innovative products, solving ‘wicked’ problems through a customised innovation dash and creating an innovation culture in organisations.

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Our most-validated brand model


A model for both communication & behaviour


An unforgettable expression of a brand’s essence


India’s first corporate brand alignment tool

chlorophyll innovation lab

The crucible of innovation beyond brands

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It achieves this objective by providing all brand engagement tools
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