anand halve (1955-2016)
Co-founder of chlorophyll, Anand Halve was one of the finest research & planning brains in India. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, he kick-started the best practices in advertising research by setting up Pathfinders, Lintas (now Lowe) India’s research division. He is widely regarded as the pioneer of the Account Planning function in the Indian advertising industry. Within chlorophyll, he created abiding Intellectual Property in the form of processes and brand models, unique to brand consultancies around the world. Teaching was his passion, and he was a visiting professor at MICA and conducted annual workshops at IIM Ahmedabad every year since 2002. He authored Planning for Power Advertising: recommended as course material in IIM (A) and AdKatha: a history of advertising Darwin’s Brands, Adapting for Success.Brought up in Hyderabad, he quickly adopted the beauty and depth of the Urdu language. He had been writing poetry in Urdu since 1995 and published a collection of Urdu poems in September 2017. Here is a translation of the poem he created specially for chlorophyll’s 15th anniversary.
"So many days, and months, and years have passed by
So many milestones along this journey have gone by

We set along without any paths to follow
But fellow-seekers joined us, as we went by

There were times when the glass of wine overflowed
And times when on empty glasses we got high!

The moments of joy, the moments of pain
Have all become part of what we will be known by

Opportunities, chances, coincidences came our way
All became Destiny as the days went by"
nalesh patil (1954-2016)
was a graduate of the JJ School of Arts from Mumbai, and a co-founder of chlorophyll in 1999.
Before he started chlorophyll, he had worked as a Creative Director in the finest advertising agencies winning over 100 of the national and international awards. At chlorophyll, he invented the concept of ideantityTM, which is essentially an identity with a visual idea within it. The ideantityTM lives up to Malcolm Gladwell’s observation that customers make most buying decisions and the best choices by relying on their two-second first impressions or their ‘adaptive unconscious’. In his 17 years of untiring work at chlorophyll, Nalesh Patil created over 60 published ideantitiesTM: this is probably the highest number of ideantitiesTM by any designer worldwide. Nalesh’s second very fertile career was that of a nature poet. He wrote over 100 poems in his mother tongue, Marathi, and sang them, in his untutored but unforgettable voice, at over 120 locations in Maharashtra and Punjab, two states of India. In June 2018, a book of his poetry titled ‘Hirve Bhaan’ (it loosely translates to ‘Green Consciousness') was published posthumously.
Here is a translation of the poem he wrote for chlorophyll’s 15th anniversary. The poem uses the analogy of a rainbow to explain the teamwork at chlorophyll

“From the many emerged the one
The one that blossomed in togetherness
And when it bowed in humility
Transformed into a rainbow
Emerging from the mists.”